Unique Gift Ideas for your Best Friend to Make them Feel Special

We might have to spend another holiday season away from our near and dear ones. But that does not mean you cannot have the best New Year gift sent right to their doorstep. Something extra thoughtful that will make up for the roller coaster of a year we’ve been on.

Friends, the only relation that you can choose for yourself. While enjoying childhood in school, you met some souls, you will remember for life, and when you were graduating from college, you had memories with buddies that will never fade away. You survive the immense stress at work with the help of your colleagues who are more like a family to you now, but out of all the crowd, you know your heart resonates with one of them who is practically an alternate version of you. You both complete each other’s sentences and a single “hello” from you could tell them what your mood is. Such is the compatibility between you two that you have become a fine example of how friendship should be between two human beings who take the liberty of calling each other best friend. Today, it’s time to make your BFF feel special, not because it is an occasion but because you love them from all your heart and wish to let them know that they are treasured. Here are a few gift ideas for friends:

Wooden Photo Display

Collect some beautiful images which can bring the waves of memories and punch a hole on the top of them. Take ropes of varying lengths and tie one end on the photograph and the other end on a thick wooden rod. This DIY will create a beautiful present that will always adore their favorite part of the house where they could look at it again and again and be reminded of the wonderful memories.

Personalised Lamp

Once again, this will need some images of you two together which can be imprinted on the lamp that will make your friendship shine brighter every day. This token of love will remind them of you every time they will look at it. If you wish to go a notch above, a lovely message could be inscribed on it too. This present is a perfect gift idea for best friend.

Champagne Glasses

Pop the bottle and raise a toast to your friendship with sleek champagne glasses! Make a brunch a little more celebratory and evenings a little more fun. You will be appreciated for your fine taste in the art of gift-giving. If you can’t find something beautiful in-store, you can always send gifts online.

Crescent Earrings

If your best friend is a girl, she will be over the moon with these crescent earrings that will enhance the outlook of her attire and will make her look like a true fashion diva. Ask her to pair it with an ethnic outfit to shine bright on a celebratory evening.

Polaroid Camera

Yes, you all have a phone to click and live the memories again and again, but something is soothing about those instant pictures on a roll that sets this gift of a polaroid camera apart. Instead of putting such a filter on Instagram, capture the life with the look of a polaroid.

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